{real parties} black & white halloween kids party

Throwing kids Halloween parties has become a very enjoyable tradition in our household. We had such a great time the first time we vowed to do it every year. The thing is that every year we seemed to make up our minds closer and closer to the date and ended up running around like crazy the days before the party. But we don't mind because it's a fun crazy. We didn't have much time to pull this off so we decided to keep the party small and invite just some of G's little friends. L is getting too big for this anyway and he had a sleepover at a friend's house so it worked out well.
I used things I had around and decided on a basic, but chic, white and black color scheme. I kept the decor simple and just to the dining room where we set up the craft table. I also put together a small dessert table with just a few treats for the kids.
I used some fabric as a table cloth, and some balloons to dress up the table a little more. For a backdrop I used washi tape. I've been waiting to do some washi tape art after seeing lots of ideas floating around the web. I did a little thing in G's new room, and it turned out great so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The easiest thing to do was a spider web. I had some cut out spiders from last year and made a quick letter banner with my silhouette machine. In less than 30 I had my backdrop. Perfect!
{this letter banner was so easy to make thanks to my Silhouette machine}
{ghost face using black washi tape and a white paper lantern}
 {found these little skeleton baskets at Target and filled them with some candy}
 {chocolate covered pretzels became little creatures simply by adding little candy eyeballs}
{these chocolate covered strawberries with eyes were a last minute decision, too. 
I think they turned out really cute}
{I found this amazing font and used it to make a simple water bottle label}
 {I made very basic and simple tags to adorn the table}
 {I added the same tags to some paper bags I got at Michaels some time ago for little favor bags}
We went for a Craft-astic Halloween party and had a table with Halloween related craft for the kids to be entertained with. We also had a couple of Halloween games but I remembered them almost towards the end of the party so just a few kids played.
After everyone left, M went to put G to sleep and was supposed to come down to help me clean up. After a few minutes I went to check on them and they were both passed out. I guess they both partied hard!

It was a little chaotic and even crowded but we loved having our house full of healthy kids running around, playing, making crafts, and old and new friends bonding and just having a great time. Thanks to all our friends who came and made this another great party!


{fall fun} scarecrow making

This is another favorite Fall activity. We did it last year at a local Fall festival and it was so much fun we had to do it again. This time we had to bring our own clothes so we picked some of G's outgrown clothes to make a mini scarecrow.
 {my boys getting to work}

{L drew our scarecrow face on a pillowcase that was provided}
 {we had to cut a piece of the pillowcase for G to draw his own face. He is becoming 
a master at drawing alien-looking faces. Love it!}
 {see? and he draws arms and legs, too!}
{showing off their creation, which L named "Eric"}
We had the choice to take "Eric" home or donate it to town to be used as decorations on the town's main street. At first the boys wanted to bring it home but then changed their minds. L thought it'll be fun to walk around town looking for "Eric".
{"Eric" and some of the other scarecrows lined up}

Later we saw "Eric" hanged on one of the town's main street poles. The poor thing was falling apart, but it was cute either way. I loved seeing kids creations all around.