{summer fun} jets game

Summer is not "officially" over until next week so this could still be considered some Summer fun. M got tickets {for free} for the opening game of the Jets two weekends ago and of course we had to go. I'll be honest and say I was very tempted to tell M to just take the boys.  Football is definitely not my thing. Being from a South American country I never knew about football until I came to the US and although people have explained the game  I just don't get it. I don't find it exciting neither interesting. No offense. Also, we already went to a game last year and I didn't like. It was crowded and loud. A little bit chaotic. I understand all that is part of the experience but I just don't get it. For the record I haven't been to a Soccer match either {which I imagine must be very similar}. I just don't like crowds, and loud ambiances and chaos.
However the boys love football. L has gotten into it much more after he played last year and M is already teaching G how to throw the ball. And so I thought it'd be nice to go all together and experience it again. Who knew, maybe I'd like it this time, right? Right?
{We got there just a few minutes before the game started}
{Mets towels were given away. G saw the fans cheering with their towels and he did the same}
{G got overwhelmed at times with all the loud noise. I got overwhelmed, too}
{We witnessed a play that ended up in a touchdown. Of course the crowd went crazy.
G surprisingly didn't get scared this time and jumped and screamed with daddy and
L celebrating the point. I remained seated. Yeah, definitely not for me}
{then a little someone lost interest so we had to entertained him with something else}
{L on the other hand was really into it and watched attentively the game}
{Picture with Snoopy where neither kid is looking at the camera of course}
I still don't like football, but I enjoyed the time spent with my boys doing something they like. I even wore a Jets t-shirt. There is no pic but I did. And that's a big deal considering first, I'm not a Jets fan and second I haven't wore any team t-shirt ever. Not even a Peruvian soccer shirt. Ever. The things I do for my boys. :)


{summer fun} adventures at the poconos

Going on a little vacation the last week of August before the new school year starts has become a family tradition. This year we decided to keep our little getaway short and sweet and opted to head to the Poconos area for an adventurous weekend.
 {We were surrounded by nature all weekend}
 {G was not afraid of the heights}
We spent our first day at a water park and the boys were in heaven. L loves everything water and G, too. However I expected G to be a little more reserved with all the big slides. Well, I was wrong. Of all of us G was the most fearless and wanted to go down on all, like all, the water slides. My little daredevil.
 {G cracked up all the way down. As soon as we hit the pool he kept saying "again, again"}
 {G loved this one, too.You can't see but L was between M and G}
Next day we went for some mountain adventures. M experienced the 4,000 feet zip line. He said the view was amazing and took a little video. I'd have liked to do it together with him but someone had to stay with the kiddos. L and I decided to try the smaller zip line. It was a little hike to get all the way to the top, and once there the view down was scarier than I thought. I was a little nervous and L seemed fine but when it was time to jump, after my count, L held back. It was too late for me to go back, I was already zip lining. And it was great. L didn't want to do it so M took his place.
{That's us at the top of the platform}
While we did all of this, G patiently waited for us doing what he knows best lately, collecting rocks. I was pleasantly surprised with how patient and good he was the whole trip considering we did a lot of walking and going up and down hills, without a stroller.
So G could experience some adventures, too we took him to the Euro Bungee. He did it like 6 times and threw a little tantrum when we told him it was over and we had to go.
L did the free fall. G wanted to do it, too. M didn't allow for many reasons but one of them being we didn't want him to think it's ok to jump from high heights. He may want to do the same at home and that will be very dangerous.
{L tried the climbing wall, too}
{Lots of walking. On our way to the Mountain Roller Coaster}
{This was the Mountain Roller coaster. While I was a little nervous and afraid, G kept screaming "rapido mama, rapido". He wanted to go faster}
The third day we spent it doing some shopping. We could have completely skipped this to be honest, because the outlets were packed. At least I got a good deal on sneakers for the boys. On our way back home we stopped at the Delaware water Gap.
 {L admiring the view}
 {Wherever we go he takes his trains with him}
We had a great time. It was a nice to be away for a few days, get a change of scenery, be outdoors and active. For the most part the boys were in a good mood and were very cooperative. I guess another sign they're growing. Snif.


{life} setiembre - september

September just started. That means Summer is almost over, Fall is almost here and a new school year just started. As much as I like the cooler temperatures, I'm a little sad Summer is coming to an end. I guess I just want to stay on vacation mode for a bit longer.
L started fifth grade yesterday. Fifth! He was excited to meet his new teachers, see his old friends and make new friends. It's been hard to go back to our normal routines, though.  But I'm confident things will start normalizing next week. G moved up to a new room at his daycare, too. So now he has new teachers and new friends. Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast time is passing by. Even though we really try to be present, enjoy every single moment with the boys and watch them grow, there are times when I have to rub my eyes to make sure these are my kids and haven't been changed for older versions of them. Really.
We had a fun August. We were able to do some purging and organizing in preparation of a yard sale we had a few weeks ago. But more on that later. I'm still working on our renovation plans for the house. We decided to go ahead and just do it {yes, like the Nike slogan} so now it's up to me to finish the drawings. Designing for one self is a lot harder than I thought!

We also took a mini vacation last weekend and it was so much fun. The boys had a blast, especially G, little daredevil. It was just great to go away and get a chance of scenery before going back to our routines and everyday activities.
This month I'm just hoping to finish G's new room. I'll hold back on L's room for now so I can focus on G's. I urgently need space to work {right now my work desk is in our bedroom!} so G has to move to his new room ASAP.

Other than that we're just looking forward to enjoying Fall, although it's not officially here but like it is, and all the great opportunities it offers to spend time outdoors. That is before dreary Winter is here which I'm not looking forward to at all.
{images via smashing magazine}