{life} double digits!

A few days ago you turned 10. 10! Double digits! I wanted to post this the morning of your birthday but never got a chance. You know how hectic our lifes can be sometimes. But I still wanted to pause for a second {or more} and reflect on your special day.
You are 10 my dear L. You are past half your way to adulthood. Can you believe it? Time has no mercy, huh? And to think I came into your life when you were just 3 years-old. Your Nonos reminded me of the day you met them and your Titi and Uncle Coco for the first time. You were this lively, happy, exuberant little boy, that felt right at home since the very beginning. No shyness, no reservations, you let yourself be with all these new people and it was incredible. One particular moment of that day Nonos remember dearly is when Daddy and I were taking a nap {after a long flight} but you were awake and wanted to play. You needed a change of clothes but because we were sleeping Nonos couldn't find your clothes in our suitcases. So they put on you one of Nono's t-shirts. And what did you do? You got on top of their bed and started jumping up and down and cracking up at your reflection on the mirror. This tiny guy in a giant shirt. You made their hearts smiled.
Unbelievable that's been 7 years since then. My dear L, I hope, like that day, you will always be true to yourself not matter what. You're growing and turning into this funny, kind, friendly, smart, loving young boy. And although in time you'll developed other traits and learn more values and learn to deal with different situations, I wish you always remember to be yourself. Because yourself is what Daddy, Mom and Little G love with all our hearts.
I love you L, and will always be there for you. Ahead of you when you need guidance, next to you when you need company, behind you when you need support. Wherever you look Daddy, Mom and G will be there for you. Happy 10!


{fall fun} area 51 train show

G loves trains. He wants to play trains all day and even goes to bed with one or two. He loves everything trains. So whenever there is a train show in our area we jumped at the opportunity knowing he will enjoy it. 

We've been to this train show last year when they had a Halloween theme {and also for their Holiday Train Show in December}. This time the theme was Area 51. I think it was great they tried to change up things a bit and offer a different theme.
{last year's scary witch was switched with a scary alien}
{I found this creepy jack o'lantern very creative. It looks as if it's coming up
from the ground with the arms and all}

{he was wandering around when he saw something in the bushes, got scared and ran off.
It was kind of funny}

{G met E.T.}
They had the same small hay maze as last year and G had a lot of fun running around. Even though L is too old for this stuff now he was a good sport and played with his little brother. I'm very close to my siblings and I'd like the same for my boys. Sometimes their age difference worries me a little, but then I witness scenes like the above and I know it'll be fine. 

In December they will have another model train show, Holiday on the Hill. We're looking forward to check it out!


{fall fun} nybg haunted pumpkin garden

October was such a fun month. There were so many events and activities going on in our area it was hard to decide what to do. We didn't want to cramp our weekends so we picked just one or two events to do with the boys.

One of those events was the New York Botanical Garden Haunted Pumpkin Garden. The boys had a great time, especially G who couldn't stop screaming "mama mira" {mama look!} every one or two steps, pointing at all the carved pumpkins that adorned the Everett Children's Adventure Garden. Even L had a good time admiring all those little pieces or art. 
That weekend they had in display the biggest pumpkins we've ever seen! Some were bigger than G! And of course G wanted to climb them all.
We were in time for their Creepy Creatures show which L loved since he likes all things reptiles. We had some special fun when the trainer called M to the front and put a snake on his neck. Did I mention M is scared of snakes? It was funny!

After all things pumpkin were seen on our way out we walked through the Japanese Gardens exhibit. The boys also climbed up huge rocks and ran around. It was a bit chilly but still a beautiful day to be outside.

Later at home M and I were looking at the NYBG map and realized we just saw a very small part of the garden  although to us it felt like we've walked a lot and covered more. We've been a couple of times before but it seems we always wander around the same spots. The garden is huge and such and amazing place. I think it's time to explore more.