{spring fun} the big egg hunt

M had the day off yesterday so we decided to hop on the train and go to NYC to check out The Big Egg Hunt exhibit at Rockefeller Center. The exhibit, sponsored by Faberge, consists of more than 200 egg sculptures individually created by leading artists and designers, from Carolina Herrera to Zaha Hadid. The sculptures were first placed across the five boroughs of New York City so people can hunt them down to enter a special sweepstakes. Now all the eggs are in their final location at Rockefeller Center for Easter weekend. At the end of exhibit {April 25th} there will be an auction to benefit Studio in a School, an organization that brings arts programs to public schools, and to Elephant Family, an organization working to save the Asian elephant.
 {someone was excited to get on the "twain"}
 {humpty dumpty sat on a wall}
Although it was crowded we managed to see, not all, but most of the eggs. I tried to snap a picture of each one but I think I missed a few. The sculptures were so creative, original and fun. Definitely a very interesting project. Hope they repeat it next year.
{G wanted to pose with the "elefantes" one}
 {one of my favorites}
 {despite what this picture may suggest, the placed was crowded!}
{they liked watching people ice-skating...in Spring!}
 {we left our names on one!}
We had planned to go to Top of the Rock after lunch but the waiting line was 2 hours long and a little someone was getting cranky because we made him skip his sacred nap. So we had to head home earlier than planned but not without first making a stop to get some Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes. The boys' favorites.  Although the day was a bit chilly and windy, we had a fun adventure in the city. Already planning many more. 

 Happy Easter!


{spring fun} little easter egg hunt & a winner!

Last year I didn't have a chance to organize an Easter Egg hunt for G and his little friends. M took him to our town's annual Easter Egg Hunt, and even though he was little at the time, he had such a great time I promised this year I'd host a little Easter play date. I even stocked on tons of plastic eggs when they went on sale after Easter.

Fast forward a year and with the one and million things going on right now I couldn't get myself organized enough to throw the Eater play date I envisioned. Luckily after a few texts back and forth with my friend M we were able to come up with an impromptu, small Easter Egg hunt at her house. The kids had so much fun. We only wish we had hidden many, many more eggs because they were so entertained looking for them and picking them up. And then discover their goodies inside.
{ready, set, go!}
{My friend was so thoughtful and made these little goodie bags. Cute!}
{they also did some "gardening"}
{and after that it was turn to play trucks...end eggs}
{G loading his truck}
The little ones had an active, fun day hunting for eggs, running around and just playing in the dirt {they tired themselves out and they both had good naps later that day}. After a yummy lunch we headed back home with our tummies and hearts filled. It was a beautiful way to start the warmer season.  

The winner of the GooseWaddle Giveaway is Danielle K. Danielle please check your email and get back to me with your info so you can get your blanket set as soon as possible! Congrats and enjoy!


{real parties} 9th birthday minecraft party

One day I'll be able to share pictures of my kids birthday parties shortly after they happened. I still haven't posted about G's first and second birthday parties. And he's turning 3 in June! Which means I better start thinking about this year's party. Anyway, I think this is the closest I've been to posting in a decent time frame {for me that's fivemonths after the party!} but here it is. The awaited Minecraft party L asked for last November.

When L first mentioned a Minecraft party I was not very thrilled to be honest. I'd seen him playing but didn't know much about the game {in case you didn't know it's a video game}. So I had to ask lots of questions to get a better idea and start planning. With some Minecraft knowledge, I browsed the web for some ideas. And I found tons. Really. Tons of great ideas {just go to Pinterest and search Minecraft}. I still wanted to make my own version of a Minecraft party, though.  So I started with the basics. The game has this pixelated look and pixels = squares. Light bulb came off! Everything will  be made out of squares.
I designed a squared Minecraft invitation and a squared Happy Birthday banner and that set the tone for the rest of the décor. One more time I resorted to my old {but trusty} crepe paper background {you can see recent parties here and here} in the Minecraft colors: different shades of green, brown and black. I had tons of cardstock scraps in those colors so I cut squares in different sizes and ran them through my sewing machine. I don't know how I didn't do this before! The easiest and quickest way to make cute garlands.
I set a table with "Minecraft food" {again, if you google it you'll find tons of ideas} using foods and snacks related to the game. I made little square tags with a picture and corresponding name for each "Minecraft food". To display them on the table I glued the tags to little silver favor boxes I had bought long time ago {in hopes of using them for something one day}. To complete the table I used square green and white dishes that were perfect for this occasion. I didn't have enough square dishes so I got some round containers at the Dollar Store.

I made the "grass" food with rice krispies topped with some shredded coconut dyed green with food coloring. For the "water" I made blue j-ello. Squared brownies were the "dirt", goldfish crackers were the "fish". Some other foods were simple like the chocolate chip cookies, carrots, watermelon and apples. It was really fun to put all this together.
With the same little favor boxes used to make the food tags I made little TNT packages. For the water bottles I created simple but cute bottle labels. And I made sure to buy water bottles with green caps so they can match the decor. {Yes, I'm obsessed like that}.
To add some more décor to the party I used a bookcase to create a Minecraft background. I covered the bookcase with plastic tablecloths, brown under, green on top. I cut the edge of the green tablecloth to resemble the Minecraft world. I also made a Keep Calm and Play Minecraft poster and a number 9 using L's pictures. The Creeper's face was very easy to make with a green paper plate, a few pieces of crepe paper and a sharpie.
When I did my Minecraft research I found these Minecraft head and sword. I wanted to buy them for L, but thought I could probably make them for much less. So I decided to make not just one but three Minecraft heads: Steve's head, a Creeper's head and an Enderman's head. And a sword. As I anticipated they were not difficult at all. Just a little time consuming. I'll be posting a tutorial about how I made them soon.

For favors I wanted to make CDs with Minecraft music, but as usual I didn't have time. I'd mentioned to M I was disappointed I was not able to make them and he said it was fine, that I'd made a lot already. To my surprise M came the day of the party with 10 Minecraft CD's. He even made a cover for the case and a circular label! He took the time to burn the CDS, design covers and labels and put them all together. He's just awesome like that.
As last year {you can see last year parties here and here} we hosted two parties, first a little get-together with family and a week later a sleepover with some of L's school friends. Luckily we were able to use all the décor {including the Minecraft heads and sword} for his second party. We didn't plan any special games or activities for the sleepover besides a movie and the video game. To our surprise the kids started role playing using all the Minecraft heads, sword and food cubes. I was very happy all the décor inspired them to do some active playing.

And just like that L turned 9. This will be our last year throwing him a birthday party so I'm sure he'll pick something good. And of course I'll be more than happy to deliver.
If you like my version of a Minecraft party, all the above {invitation, food chart, banner, bottle labels and poster}, will soon be available at my Etsy shop. Stay tuned!