the design studio

MaMeMima aims to create beauty for kids. Beauty give us a sense of delight and wonder, and so creating beauty for the littles ones, brings delight and wonder to their little worlds. Whether it's in the spaces they inhabit or the parties they celebrate, I believe in making those spaces and events truly special and unique, just as the kids that live in those rooms and/or are honored in those parties.

MaMeMima offers both interior and event design and styling services. I specialize in sophisticated, stylish yet cheerful and functional spaces {nurseries, toddler's rooms, teen rooms, playrooms} as well as chic, original, fun parties {baby showers, birthday parties, first communions and more} With a think-outside-the-box approach and a keen eye for detail I can help you bring beauty to your children's world, by designing a fabulous but practical space and/or party.

{interiors} a space to be
​Children need spaces that feel theirs, spaces that reflect who they are. Spaces where they can get loose and be creative, but also where they can relax and unwind. They need spaces that can grow with them and adjust to their evolving needs and likes. They need spaces where they can just be. ​
I can provide an affordable, completely customized design for your baby's nursery, your toddler's big boy room, or your new playroom. We'll work hand-in-hand to create an one-of-a-kind room.

{events} a day to remember
Celebrations are very important events we want to remember, to cherish. Special occasions we want to hold dear in our hearts and keep forever. So make it special, make it unique, make it memorable.
I can work with you to translate your vision into a special celebration that truly reflects the child who is honored.
I'd love to help you add all those special details that will make your party amazing. We'll work together, one-on-one to design and plan your celebratory event.