{summer fun} point pleasant

We've been going on  mini vacations the last week of August for four years now. First was Florida, then Ocean City, then the Poconos and now Point Pleasant. These little trips always happen the week before school starts and it has become a family tradition. One we'd like to keep for years to come. I long for our summers at the beach in Lima so I wanted to take the kids to the beach.

One thing we made different this time was banning all electronics {with exception of our DSLR camera} for the extension of our trip {3 days}. That meant no ipads, no video-game systems and no iphones {we brought them just in case of an emergency. Mine remained uncharged until we got home and M just looked at his to find a place to eat}. Sometimes I feel we spend so much time "plugged", in front of a computer, ipad or iphone, either because of work, homework or entertainment. So in my little attempt of living a simpler, clutter-free life I thought it'd be a good exercise not to bring any electronic devices to our vacation and just unplug.
M was not very thrilled about the idea at first but I exposed my point of view and he understood and agreed to give it a try. L on the other hand was not happy at all until we got in the car and I surprised him with a little travel bag.  G didn't care much until we told him we were not watching a movie during the car ride. But the same as L, he forgot about it when I gave him his travel bag. It was an almost 2 hour-ride so I prepared a couple of bags with snacks and games for them to play, like I spy and Road Scavenger hunts. I included also some word search books for L and a sticker book for G and some other little toys. These didn't keep them happily occupied for the whole ride but they definitely helped set the mood for a nice, peaceful, happy car ride.

Once at the beach there was plenty to do. We spent all our days at the beach. We built castles, relaxed, looked for shells, slept and just people-watched. Unfortunately we couldn't do much swimming because the ocean was a little aggressive the days we were there. We ate a light, quick lunch or just snacks during the day so we didn't have the leave the beach until much later. We then headed to our room to shower, change and go for dinner. After we walked to the boardwalk and amusement park.

Since we were on vacation we decided to skip G's bedtime and just go have fun at the boardwalk until he got tired. We thought he would stay up if we let him like he's done a few times. But I guess the beach  was too much and tired him out because just before 8 he asked to go to bed. We took turns with M to take him back to the room and put him down while the other stayed with L playing at the arcades.

{snack time}
{we had a little visitor just in front of us}
{the food and service here were amazing}
{one morning after breakfast we went to see people fishing. G has asked to go fishing soon}
These were three full-of-activities, busy, fun days and the beach was the perfect place to have this "unplugged experience" since there was so many things to do. Of course there were a couple of meltdowns and some confusion during this vacation. But I think the key was we kind of expected it so it was not a big shock when these situations happened and we were able to handle them the best we could. Most importantly  it was good to have the time to bond and talk to each other without any distractions. I think we all felt it. Who knows we may implement an "unplugged day" a week from now on. Happy end of Summer!

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