{summer fun} exploring bear mountain

A couple of weeks ago we took a quick ride to Bear Mountain. We have wanted to go for a long time but I guess we never had the time. It was not a planned activity {like most of our outings are}. We just found ourselves with a free Sunday afternoon and went for it. I've heard there was a carousel and a zoo so we wanted to check it out.

To be honest we didn't pick the best day to go. It was hot, very hot, and the place was crowded, really crowded {I was this close to tell M to turn around and come back another day} We went to see the carousel first and after a few rides we headed to the zoo.
{G still loves riding the carrousel. I wish he would never get tired of it!}
{I found this stone wall really pretty with all the green}
After some reading I'm not sure how I feel about zoos anymore to be honest. So I was not that disappointed when G just wanted to walk around not paying too much attention to the animals. He just wanted to run, jump, climb. And there was plenty of space to do that.
{he is into climbing everything now}
{interesting fact. had no idea}

{beautiful views}
G wanted to ride a boat. So M and I obliged. It looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately the line was long and after some minutes of it not moving we decided to leave. We'll definitely come back for that boat ride soon.
On our way back home we made a quick stop at this new cute ice cream place, which I knew about thanks to Jen from Cuddles and Chaos, and then spent some time at a playground nearby. 
{great way to get some customers in. cute sign!}
{love this little gallery wall}
{how cute are those ice cream lights?! G wanted them for his room}
{ice cream was yummy!}

Such a great Sunday afternoon.

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