{interiors} a modern nursery for L

I'm so excited I finally get to share my sweet nephew's room since it was a project so dear to me. It was a lot of fun planning and designing this little space for him. The room itself is small so we wanted to create a simple, uncluttered, serene but modern space. L's mom, my sister, chose the color scheme: teal and grey with some pops of orange with white furniture.

When choosing furniture we were careful to pick versatile pieces that will grow with my nephew and could adjust to his future needs with just a few tweaks. We went with a Eames rocker chair replica because of its clean lines and size, and a crib that converts to a kids bed. We also had a dresser custom made with a changing pad on top as a changing table {strapped to it}.

While we waited for the furniture to arrive we started off by painting the room. There are three walls in the room and one side with floor to ceiling windows. We painted two walls a medium grey color and one wall white. We made this wall the accent wall by adding some triangle vinyl decals.

The rest of the room came together with some personal touches and DIY projects. We didn't want to clutter the room with many accessories so we kept it simple. We strategically placed some decorative shelving above the changing table/dresser and some shelving for books next to the closet doors, with a few hooks that are always useful to keep the floor free of stuff.

I sewed a crib sheet and a changing pad cover with some cute fabric I found in Etsy. With the remaining of both fabrics I made a pennant to hang above the dresser. I also made a cloud pillow and strung some felt balls to make a garland. I put it on top of the only artwork in the room, which I found while looking for something else {don't you love when that happens?}. It was perfect for L's room.
My sister wanted elephants incorporated in the décor but also wanted to maintain the minimalist, clean feel in the space.  I figured a way to fulfill this was to get some elephant related accessories, like a few cute plush elephants and a few elephant related books that could be easily switched later on when the baby-ish phase ends.
I also wanted to incorporate something from G's room into his baby cousin's space. With time I've come to appreciate the meaning behind hand-me down pieces and family heirlooms and the significance behind them.
When I designed G's nursery I made a mobile. It was very basic and modest but it meant a lot to me because it was one of the first things I made for him {you can see it here} To be honest that mobile would not fit my aesthetic and style now but at that time I loved it. Since we didn't need a mobile in G's new big boy room, I  re-purposed it and use it in L's room. I just covered the ring with white satin ribbon and switched the wooden elephants and giraffes cutouts with elephants I made out of felt.
{for G's big boy room I made a cloud pillow. It was so easy I made one for L's room, too}

I was also planning on re-purposing G's elephant lamp {you can see it here}. I even painted it a teal color and brought it with me to Perú thinking I could find a shade there to match it. But we didn't have such luck. Anyway we didn't need a lamp since we put the room switch on a dimmer.
{the other corner of the room}
{that's one of G's pieces of clothing that he handed down to his cousin. It makes my heart so happy when I see L wearing some of G's clothes. Its so special}

Since we placed all the furniture against the walls we wanted to anchor the room with a big rug. For many reasons we decided on a much smaller rug. We placed it in the center of the room and now serves as a play area for L.
{the original layout with a big rug}
{we went with a much smaller rug. But we love the pop of color and pattern it brings to the room}
{how cute is that book with L's name his mom found? Perfect for him because he's indeed lovable!}

I also designed the closet in L's room. It is a small closet but I tried to maximize the useful space. An area for double hanging with shelves above on one side and a built-in dresser with open shelving.

We were very pleased with the final space, a simple but cheerful space. I'm sure we'll be tweaking it as L grows but so far he's been enjoying it!

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