{life} celebrating Peru's Independence Day!

Living in a different country for the past 10 years has definitely made me appreciate my country and culture much more. And even more since becoming a mom. I want my boys, especially G, to be proud of their Peruvian heritage. I've mentioned before, here and here, some things I try to do so the boys, and M, can learn each day a little more about Perú and live some of their customs and traditions {or course our yearly trips help a lot, too!}.

With that in mind, a Peruvian friend and I started a little tradition of celebrating 28 de Julio, Peru's Independence Day, together with our families. For the past three years we'd gone out to Peruvian restaurants. And one year I organized a little play date with the little ones to commemorate the day.

This year we were more ambitious and decided to have a little potluck, Peruvian style and celebrated a bit in advance, over the weekend. And to get into the spirit of Fiestas Patrias I  decorated the house a little with the national colors: red and white. I was able to re-use some things, like the banner and frame with Peru's map, from a couple of years ago.
{I made this banner two years ago. You can see it here. I'm glad I saved it!}
{I printed a simple Escarapela {rosette} on card-stock and pasted it to a long piece of card stock to use 
as napkins rings}
I set up a little table with some Perú related crafts and books for the kids. But to be completely honest they could care less. They were too busy running around. They sit down for a few minutes to color but that was it. Oh well, I'll have to keep trying.
Each of us prepared some traditional Peruvian plates to share. Our menu consisted of some Papa a la Huancaina, Lomo Saltado, Tallarines Verdes and Platanos Fritos. To drink we had Chicha Morada and of course Pisco Sour, our national cocktail.
{We, well everyone else but me, had to do a Pisco shot. Salud!}
For desserts we had some delicious Pionono. I hadn't had it in more than 10 years. I forgot how yummy it is! We also had some sweet Alfajores and rosquitas
When we get together with friends we always have a good time. This occasion was even more special since we celebrated a special day for all of us Peruvians. It was a lovely afternoon honoring our beloved country.

Today we celebrate the 195th anniversary of Peru’s independence from Spanish rule. We celebrate our freedom. 

Felices Fiestas Patrias a todos los peruanos en el Perú y en el mundo!

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