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Without us noticing we've created a little tradition on Mother's Day. We always go on a Mother's Day brunch. Past years we've gone out for brunch at some cute places around here and in the city. This year we decided to have it at home. My kind husband offered to cook. He's becoming a French toast expert and loves to make them all the time.
We invited a dear friend and her family and M's mom and had our little brunch. I was not going to decorate or anything but last minute I thought why not? I always like to decorate my kids parties and other holidays and celebrations and Mother's Day is a special one, too. So quickly the night before I searched the web for some cute printables {I found these!} and worked with whatever I had around.
   {the kids surprised me in the morning with  handmade cards and some beautiful flowers 
that looked great with the decor}
{I found the "MOM" letters at Target for my mom but had to use them on our table}
{we had to have some sweet treats!}
{I put together a little something for the moms, three of us, some EOS lip balm and hand lotion, perfect to carry in our purses}
We had a lovely time. And we loved, loved hosting This may be our new tradition. After brunch and after we relaxed a bit {M didn't let me pick up anything!} we headed to a local Flea Market. It was a beautiful day and it was good excuse to be outside. I love that I may be injecting a love for this type of things in my boys because they both had a good time.
{looking for little treasures}
They found little things {G bought a lock. Yes, a lock! And L a little cards device} They were both happy with their finds. Until G saw L's thing and he wanted it for him and we had a little fight over it. We thought we had fixed it with some ice cream but no, they kept fighting in the car so I had to take it away {we're having a hard time with G wanting everything L does/has}.
So the boys cool down we went to a park nearby. And everything was right again. There was a jungle gym for G and a basketball court for L. And M and I were able to sit down and relax a bit while we watched the boys played. At some point we were all in this four-people-seesaw-kind of thing and we were all laughing and giggling. It was great.
We face timed with my mom and sister very briefly in the morning. It was hard with all the chaos going on. I just wanted to remind them how much I admire, miss and love them. And although it was not a perfect, smooth day {but what is, right?} there were perfect moments. And those made my day. And I have to thank my boys for that. It was a beautiful Mother's Day!

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