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Since G and I got back to New York,  exactly a month ago, almost every weekend after weekend {3 out of 4} we'd  had snow storms. Definitely not what I expected, since I believed that being away all January was going to be enough to avoid the snow back home. But we tried to make the best of those snowed in days with a few visits to a local school with the best hills for some sledding fun.

The problem? I don't like snow. I mean, I like to watch it come down from inside my home, but that's it. Where I grew up we don't have snow so I'm not used to it. And even after 10 years of living here I still don't like it. I can tolerate Winter and I definitely appreciate the magic of a white Christmas {back home we have Christmas during Summer} but I declare myself definitely a Summer person.

My kids? Well, L loves snow. Loves it. He could have frozen toes and fingers and still be outside playing. G not so much, at least for the first years. For the past two winters he was not very fond of snow. So I had the perfect excuse to stay in with him while M and L went outside to freeze themselves and get all wet.

This year was different. M took the boys out sledding on the first snowed in weekend. And when they came back G announced his new found love for the white thing...that meant I have to go out in the snow, too.  Well, I didn't have but I wanted to. I wanted to share the experience with them {at least one time}. The four of us went sledding and it was so much fun! At least for the first hour or so. I shared a little video here.

We also spent some days playing in our backyard. G made snow angels and we built his first "official" snowman. He loved it. He loves snow now.

The first times were great but after a while I think they both have started to lose interest and the novelty of a winter wonderland had started to wear off. The other day after we came back from G's preschool I asked them if they wanted to go out to play in the snow, they both said yes but after just 10-15 minutes they were done. And I can't blame them. Yes, we should enjoy each season but really, I'm sick and tired of this cold weather. Can't wait for Spring to come! 

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