{printables} simple be mine-craft valentine cards

minecraft school valentines printable 1
My 10 year-old still likes to play Minecraft {the popular block-building game} so I designed this Minecraft Valentine cards for him to share with his classmates, who I'm sure like the game as well.
minecraft school valentines printable 2
There are a lot of great Minecraft Valentine printables on the web. But almost all the ones I found respected the Minecraft color scheme: green, white, black, brown. Although still creative and fun I wanted our version to be red to fit the occasion. So I had the idea to switch the green pixelated cube of the creeper's face with a red pixelated heart.
minecraft school valentines printable 3
I left some blank space at the bottom of the card for L to sign them, adding a little personal touch. We're not allowed to send any type of candy to school, so I wanted his school Valentines to be specially cute and creative. L thought they were perfect!
minecraft school valentines printable 4
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Hello, I love this card. How can I get a printable?