{life} a very late Christmas recap

I'm well aware nobody is taking about Christmas anymore but I didn't want to end the month without writing down a quick recap of our Christmas Countdown 2014. 

We continued this little family tradition I started a few years ago and were able to complete it. It wasn't easy though. We managed to do/have/complete a Christmas related activity everyday but not necessarily according to the calendar I put together. Also some activities were done by just three, or in some cases two, of us. Either way, we had a great time. The boys looked forward every morning to discovering the activity of the day and having a little treat. I brought our calendar to Lima with us so my family could be part of our countdown for the last days.

 {we made Christmas crafts}

We spent a lot of time in New York City. We were there every weekend in December and I loved it! We took G to his first Broadway show and it was so much fun. We went to more train shows {because you can never get enough, right?}, walked around admiring the beautiful window displays and of course went to see the Rockefeller tree. 
 {G loved Radio City Christmas Spectacular. He watched attentively almost all the show}
{Grand Central train show}
 {the boys were both amazed by the holiday windows at Saks Fifth Avenue}
 {G was obsessed with this moon. "Mama, mira, luna!!!" he kept screaming!}

 {the holiday windows at Bergdorf Goodman were my favorite. The Architecture one was the best!}
{there is something magical about NYC during Christmas time}

 {we got together with family. It warmed my heart watching my boys having fun playing and
sharing with their cousins}
We also attended some local Christmas shows and events and went on a Christmas lights driving tour. They all were fun but the boys favorite? They loved the house all decorated with the beautiful lights and music. They danced in front of the house and didn't want to leave. When we got to the next house G said "But mama, no tiene musica!" {mama, it doesn't have music!}

We arrived to Lima a few days before Christmas and had some fun activities planned there.

 {a beautiful Christmas display at the mall with a little train ride}
 {G decorated cookies with Titi}
On Christmas Eve we spent the day getting ready for our late dinner {our tradition}. G went to bed as usual, excited about the next day. L was going to stay up with us but he was so tired he went to bed before midnight. Not even the fireworks woke them up. Just little L, my baby boy nephew, woke up with all the noise and was ready to party!
{dear Nona}
{following tradition baby L opened some presents at midnight}
Christmas morning was magical. G had mentioned before he didn't want "Papa Noel" to come down the chimney. He wanted him to come and knock on the door {which was perfect because my parent's house doesn't have a fireplace, so it worked out well!} Well, his aunt had the great idea of hiring a Papa Noel to come very early on Christmas day to deliver some gifts. Obviously we let G opened the door. 
{his little face when he saw him...unforgettable}
{my sweet L. He knows there are people who dress like Santa but he really believes Santa exists. He's growing but remains a little kid at the same time}
It was a very special Christmas for us, especially for me. Living miles away from my parents and siblings it meant the world my boys were able to spend Christmas with them. They got to experience Christmas with their new baby cousin and Nonos and aunt and uncles, sharing, living, building memories. Hoping and praying there are more of these in years to come.

Christmas 2014 was a good one.

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