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Today we started the last week of the first month of the year and I'm just getting back into the swing of things around here. We came back from sunny and warm Lima to cloudy and cold New York last week, and although I'm so, so happy to be back home and reunited with my boys, these first days back have felt kind of a like a limbo, not wanting to officially start the new year. You see, we started 2015 in vacation mode: mini-getaway with the husband, lots of lazy days lounging at the pool, building sand castles and jumping waves at the beach with the boys and eating lots {lots!} of ice cream.

We had a wonderful Christmas back home, too. The first of my baby boy nephew, the second one spent in Lima and the third one spent all of us together with my side of the family. We granted G his wish of opening the door to Santa, L couldn't have been happier being at the beach house for a week and M and I had a mini-honeymoon when we traveled to Cuzco for a few days to ring the new year, just the two of us, no kids. I told you, we were spoiled. 100% vacation mode.
Then M and L came back to NY to their respective responsibilities while G and I enjoyed a couple more weeks of doing nothing. And that's exactly what we did: nothing. Well, not really but you know what I mean. We spent two weeks playing with his new toys, going to the park, going to kiddie gyms, trying out new coffee shops, visiting Titi and baby L, going to the beach house. It was strange to wake up every morning with no responsibilities other than enjoying the day.
When preparing for our trip I had planned that after G went to bed, I'd be blogging, organizing my never-ending to-do-list, writing down ideas and new projects for the upcoming year and much more. I even brought my laptop {which was only used just at the end of each day to look at pictures}. G goes to bed relatively early and despite having the time to do all those things mentioned above, I didn't have the energy or, should I say, the desire to do so. Instead every night I just sat down with my parents to eat something while we watched some TV or talked, or go out with my girlfriends for coffee or dinner to catch up on our lives. A little part of me felt guilty thinking I could be doing more productive things. But the other part was like whatever, we are on vacation. Despite my struggles I enjoyed all those moments of "doing nothing". After all I only get to see my family and friends in Perú a couple of times a year. And spending time with them was good for my soul.
And so here I am, back in New York, back to real life, trying to do all those things people do at the beginning of the year: setting goals, resolutions, organizing and planning, just a month later. Looking back it seems I may have to set the same goals for this year: be more present and mindful and learn to manage and organize better my free time. And I may add a few more: finally take the plunge, stop  procrastinating and focus on the positive. I know I'm being a bit vague. But like I said I'm just getting back into the swing of things here.

 Ok, 2015, let's do this.

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