{printable} letter to spanish

One of our Christmas countdown activities since we started this tradition some years ago has been writing a letter to Santa. Last year G was happy with just scribbling on a white piece of paper while L wrote a letter for both of them. This year we were going to do the same thing until it occurred to me G could now "write" his own letter. He's in preschool, learning letters and just started writing his name on his own.

Obviously he could not write a whole letter so I looked for some sort of fill-in letter template. I found some cute Letter to Santa printables in English but not so many options in Spanish. So I created my own.
I included some "check the box" options, "fill-in" for age and name and "cut and paste" for the Christmas list. At first I thought he could draw his Christmas list but he is just drawing stick figures so drawing a plane or train {what he has mentioned he wants for Christmas} was going to be a little tricky for him. I thought the best option was to print some images of a few possible Christmas gifts so he could cut and paste them on the letter {he loves cutting}. At the end I cut the pictures but he pasted them and even wrote his name at the bottom. 
{I created a different version of the letter for L with space for him to write}
{I told him to write small letters but he didn't want to. He wanted "grande mama" {"big mama"} 
so of course he ran out of space. But that didn't stop him. He continued backwards}

I loved this activity because both boys were engaged on it. G was really excited about "writing" his own letter. When they finished I told them I was going to put their letters in an envelope to mail them but G said, "No! mama". He grabbed his letter and went to the living room. We asked him what he was doing and he said: "Mama voy a poner en chimenea para Papa Noel" {"I'm going to put it in the fireplace for Santa"}. This little guy is the sweetest!
If you'd like to try this activity with your preschooler,  it's not too late! Click the link below to download the template. Hope you enjoy it!


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    1. Hola Cesar, muchas gracias por tu lindo comentario. No pude entrar al sorteo pero de todas maneras chequeo el libro en Amazon. Suena muy interesante. Gracias!