{monthly} november - noviembre

I think October is becoming my second favorite month after December. There were so many things going on, we had our weekends full of fun activities and events the entire month. And it all couldn't have ended better than with our annual trick or treating outing. The kids had a blast. This year L branched out with his friends since he's old enough and we met up with one of G's little buddies. To say we all ended up exhausted and with tons of candy is an understatement.

Yesterday we start a new month. I think I mentioned it before, but I always see the beginning of a new month as an opportunity to start fresh and set some goals or challenges. Unfortunately as off lately I haven't been able to follow through with my intentions for the month. But I'm working on this, on my self-control and discipline and focus.

We are going to keep this month kind of quiet and low-key {after all the craziness that October was}, try to finish some home projects before the year ends and start preparing for the Holidays. There will still be some important events going on: L's birthday and of course Thanksgiving.

I can't believe the year is almost over but at the same time I can't wait to December when we'll be traveling to my home country. I can't wait to squeeze little baby L, my godson. I'm so thankful we are going to be reunited with my family and my boys are going to spend some quality time with their nonos, aunt, uncles and now little cousin! Welcome November!

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