{fall fun} area 51 train show

G loves trains. He wants to play trains all day and even goes to bed with one or two. He loves everything trains. So whenever there is a train show in our area we jump at the opportunity to go knowing he will enjoy it. 

We've been to this train show last year when they had a Halloween theme {and also for their Holiday Train Show in December}. This time the theme was Area 51. I think it was great they tried to change up things a bit and offer something different.
{last year's scary witch was switched with a scary alien}
{I found this creepy jack o'lantern very creative. It looks as if it's coming up
from the ground with the arms and all}

{he was wandering around when he saw something in the bushes, got scared and ran off.
It was kind of funny}

{G met E.T.}
They had the same small hay maze as last year and G had a lot of fun running around. Even though L is too old for this stuff now he was a good sport and played with his little brother. I'm very close to my siblings and I'd like the same for my boys. Sometimes their age difference worries me a little, but then I witness scenes like the above and I know it'll be fine. 

In December they will have another model train show, Holiday on the Hill. We're looking forward to check it out.

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