{fall fun} scarecrow making

This is another favorite Fall activity. We did it last year at a local Fall festival and it was so much fun we had to do it again. This time we had to bring our own clothes so we picked some of G's outgrown clothes to make a mini scarecrow.
 {my boys getting to work}

{L drew our scarecrow face on a pillowcase that was provided}
 {we had to cut a piece of the pillowcase for G to draw his own face. He is becoming 
a master at drawing alien-looking faces. Love it!}
 {see? and he draws arms and legs, too!}
{showing off their creation, which L named "Eric"}
We had the choice to take "Eric" home or donate it to town to be used as decorations on the town's main street. At first the boys wanted to bring it home but then changed their minds. L thought it'll be fun to walk around town looking for "Eric".
{"Eric" and some of the other scarecrows lined up}

Later we saw "Eric" hanged on one of the town's main street poles. The poor thing was falling apart, but it was cute either way. I loved seeing kids creations all around.

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