{fall fun} carnival day

This happened about three weeks ago and I thought it was a great way to start our Fall fun activities season. The weather that day was more Summer than Fall though. It was a great warm, sunny day, perfect to be outdoors. There were three days of Carnival fun organized by a local Ambulance corps at a nearby park and so we decided to stop by. It was small carnival with just a few rides and games but we had a fun time.
{small kid, big world}
 {"ahi mama". Pointing where he wanted to go next}
 {happy pilot}
{he loved the little wheel}
{L at the Balloon dart game. He got a few prices}
{G won a prize, too! with a little help from mama}
 {this was by far their favorite ride}
{M tried to knock down the clown with no luck. He needs to work on his pitching skills!
At least the money was going towards a good cause ;) }

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