{fall fun} apple picking

I love Summer but Fall is fun. There are always so many activities, so many events and the weather is usually nice. I'm a Summer person but Fall is special.
We like to go apple picking early in the season, around mid, late-September. This year due to different commitments and other planned events we were a little late on our game. After a quick research I found out most orchards in the area were out of apples! We didn't want to drive too far and risk coming back home empty-handed. And so decided to stop by a local farm just 25 minutes away from us. In case they didn't have apples it wouldn't be such a big deal. To our luck they had apples! So here a few scenes of our apple {and pumpkin} picking day if you care to see. Happy Fall!
{the boys ready to get to work}
{L working hard at getting those apples down. G working hard at eating them!}
{he really loves his apples}
{lots of juicy apples}
{he picked some on his own, too}
{L announced this was the littlest apple he'd ever seen}
{G wanted a small pumpkin. "chiquito mama" he kept saying}

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