{summer fun} jets game

Summer is not "officially" over until next week so this could still be considered some Summer fun. M got tickets {for free} for the opening game of the Jets two weekends ago and of course we had to go. I'll be honest and say I was very tempted to tell M to just take the boys.  Football is definitely not my thing. Being from a South American country I never knew about football until I came to the US and although people have explained the game  I just don't get it. I don't find it exciting neither interesting. No offense. Also, we already went to a game last year and I didn't like. It was crowded and loud. A little bit chaotic. I understand all that is part of the experience but I just don't get it. For the record I haven't been to a Soccer match either {which I imagine must be very similar}. I just don't like crowds, and loud ambiances and chaos.
However the boys love football. L has gotten into it much more after he played last year and M is already teaching G how to throw the ball. And so I thought it'd be nice to go all together and experience it again. Who knew, maybe I'd like it this time, right? Right?
{We got there just a few minutes before the game started}
{Mets towels were given away. G saw the fans cheering with their towels and he did the same}
{G got overwhelmed at times with all the loud noise. I got overwhelmed, too}
{We witnessed a play that ended up in a touchdown. Of course the crowd went crazy.
G surprisingly didn't get scared this time and jumped and screamed with daddy and
L celebrating the point. I remained seated. Yeah, definitely not for me}
{then a little someone lost interest so we had to entertained him with something else}
{L on the other hand was really into it and watched attentively the game}
{Picture with Snoopy where neither kid is looking at the camera of course}
I still don't like football, but I enjoyed the time spent with my boys doing something they like. I even wore a Jets t-shirt. There is no pic but I did. And that's a big deal considering first, I'm not a Jets fan and second I haven't wore any team t-shirt ever. Not even a Peruvian soccer shirt. Ever. The things I do for my boys. :)

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