{summer fun} a birthday weekend

We celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We had these big plans to go to the city and spend the day at Central Park. But then decided to just stayed local. We are always rushing places, even on the weekends {outings, classes, parties, Mass} so it was nice for a change to have a lazy morning just hanging out in our pajamas until noon without having anywhere to go. I needed that. And I think the boys needed it, too. We spent the morning just hanging out and skyping with my family in Perú. Then grabbed some of my favorite food for a late lunch at the park.

There we just relaxed, ran around, played tag and discovered a new favorite activity for the boys: throwing rocks. I know, all kids love to throw rocks but I didn't know they were going to be so entertainted. And when I say "they" I mean the three of them, daddy and sons. We walked around the park and found the perfect spot by the water. We spent a good amount of time just looking for rocks {they had to be the right size and shape you guys}, picking them up and throwing them.

At home we had a quick dinner and the boys sang me happy birthday on a donut. Yes, no cake and it was perfect. After the kids were in bed I spent a couple of hours doing my meal preparation for the week and then ended the night with a movie with M.  It was a very low key,  simple but lovely and productive! birthday. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. Happy weekend!

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  1. Sounds lovely! Happy birthday to you. :) We need to get together soon.