{monthly} setiembre - september

September just started. That means Summer is almost over, Fall is almost here and a new school year just started. As much as I like the cooler temperatures, I'm a little sad Summer is coming to an end. I guess I just want to stay on vacation mode for a bit longer.
L started fifth grade yesterday. Fifth! He was excited to meet his new teachers, see his old friends and make new friends. It's been hard to go back to our normal routines, though.  But I'm confident things will start normalizing next week. G moved up to a new room at his daycare, too. So now he has new teachers and new friends. Sometimes it's hard to believe how fast time is passing by. Even though we really try to be present, enjoy every single moment with the boys and watch them grow, there are times when I have to rub my eyes to make sure these are my kids and haven't been changed for older versions of them. Really.
We had a fun August. We were able to do some purging and organizing in preparation of a yard sale we had a few weeks ago. But more on that later. I'm still working on our renovation plans for the house. We decided to go ahead and just do it {yes, like the Nike slogan} so now it's up to me to finish the drawings. Designing for one self is a lot harder than I thought!

We also took a mini vacation last weekend and it was so much fun. The boys had a blast, especially G, little daredevil. It was just great to go away and get a chance of scenery before going back to our routines and everyday activities.
This month I'm just hoping to finish G's new room. I'll hold back on L's room for now so I can focus on G's. I urgently need space to work {right now my work desk is in our bedroom!} so G has to move to his new room ASAP.

Other than that we're just looking forward to enjoying Fall, although it's not officially here but like it is, and all the great opportunities it offers to spend time outdoors. That is before dreary Winter is here which I'm not looking forward to at all.
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