{summer fun} afternoon at the farmer's market

A few pics from our visit to our local Farmer's Market last week...
 {I love this sign. I want it. Really}
 {Colorful veggies}
 {Legalize marinara. Clever and funny}
{Pizza for dinner. It was yum!}
{Another yum!}
 {mmm, how many should I get?}
{He ended up having two}
 {Interesting combinations. I should have gotten one. I may next time}
 {Kombucha. M's new thing}
 {I loved this shop set up. From their cute signs...}
 {to the arrangement of the veggies}
{I mean, really. How cute those red peppers look}
 {Am I the only one who notices those little details? I hope not}
{he insisted, like insisted, in getting some little tomatoes. The funny thing. He doesn't like tomatoes}
{Beautiful sunset to end a perfect day}

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