{monthly} agosto - august

As expected much of July has been spent outdoors having fun with the boys. We still managed to get a couple of things done around the house. L's new room is almost done, the same as G's. The key word here is almost. I just have a hard time deciding the little details sometimes. But finally we switched rooms on the second floor. Yey! On the other hand our bathrooms remodel plans are still on hold as now we're considering an addition and that changes things a bit. I know, this is a never-ending story.

We have officially entered the second half of the year now that July is over and I feel the need to get back in track with my to-do list. At the beginning of the year I made the conscious intention of being more organized and mindful with how I spent my time {in order to be more productive}. Well, I haven't been that good at it this last month {still many late nights spent looking through past pics and videos of the boys. Please, tell me you do that, too!} I went back to my "so many things to do, so little time" excuse and got overwhelmed by the amount of things I want/have to do. I'm hoping this month I'll get back to setting priorities {it worked before} and overall better at managing my time.

With a new school year around the corner, this month will be all about de-cluttering and organizing and finishing some little projects I had on the works. Of course, there still will be some time for a last Summer adventure before the boys start school. Welcome August!

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