{interiors} nursery into toddler's room

When I designed G's nursery {three years ago} one of my requirements was to create a space that would easily transform into a toddler's room. I knew the "baby/nursery" phase will last a couple of years at most and so I designed his nursery in a way that with just a few changes it would become a toddler's room. That was the main reason for going with a neutral color scheme and including a full size bed.

I thought I had achieved my goal. And somehow I think I did. When G was about two years old I started thinking about what changes I'd make, what things I'd keep and what new pieces I'd bring into his space to make it a toddler's room. And it was very easy {at least in my head}. We'd keep his crib for now, making it a toddler bed by removing the front rail. We'd lower the full bed removing the metal frame and leaving just the box spring and mattress on the floor. We'd remove the rocker chair and bring in a tee pee, and the changing table would convert into a dresser by removing the top. When the time came for G to move to the big bed, we'd remove the crib/toddler's bed, move the dresser to that side of the wall and add a small table and chairs or a low bookshelf to storage and organize toys. And there would still be some open space for him to play. I'd get him new bedding for his new "big bed", remove the mobile and add some other pieces to bring in more color into his neutral room.  It was easy. I had it all planned. No need for new furniture, no need to repaint. G's nursery transforming into G's toddler room would be a breeze. Here's what I had in mind.
 {actual nursery floor plan layout}

{new toddler room floor plan layout}
Well, a year after those initial thoughts, G's nursery will be transforming not into a toddler's room, office! The "nursery" phase lasted one more year than planned. G loves his room and crib so we decided not to make any changes until he was ready. However, M and I talked about how as the kids grow, their needs change {obviously, right?}. G will soon make the transition into a bed {he's still in a crib and we decided to skip the toddler bed}, and with that comes potential sleeping problems, like waking more often, getting out of bed, wanting to come to our room. At the same time, L is growing into a young boy and so he would need more space and privacy. So having L's room across from our bedroom and G's nursery down the hall next to the stairs didn't make sense anymore. We had to swap rooms.

I know. We should have thought about this when planning the nursery. But at that time, moving L to another bedroom was not an option for us. We didn't want L to feel displaced or to feel his new little brother was more important to us. And because of our circumstances we know L would have felt that way if we moved him down the hall and put G in his room. We really thought we'd be fine with this arrangement for a few more years, but things change, kids grow and well, we have to adjust.

 {after just a few weeks of nursing G in his room, I realized I needed an ottoman. We had it downstairs so I made a cover for it to match the pillows on the chair}
{After G's first birthday I changed a bit the art in his room. I hung the poster people signed
on his first birthday and re-used the "happy" part of his happy birthday banner.
It was perfect for his nursery}
 {I also made and effort to expand his Spanish books collection}
 {some more pillows and toys made it to his crib during the first year}
Another reason for the rooms swapping was our bathrooms remodeling plans. One of them, the kids bathroom, is next to G's nursery and to be able to gain more space and fit a bathtub, we may need to take over G's actual closet space.
So there I was, with two new rooms to create. L's room was already too child-ish for him and he asked for something more sophisticated. He required three colors in particular: black, blue and gold {I know, a designer mom's dream, right? Well, without the blue}. G's room was a blank slate, the possibilities were endless. In a way I was thrilled, two new rooms {three if you add my office, but that's another story} to design and decorate. On the other hand I was a little sad my original vision for G's nursery didn't come to life. I put a lot of thought and work into it and I was looking forward to seeing it transform into a happy toddler's space. There are so many memories in that room I knew I'd have a hard time dismantling it. I started little by little, removing some accessories first, the frames next, then his closet and lastly moving the changing table, which is now a dresser, into his new room. The new room is almost ready but we haven't moved G yet.

The chevron wall in his nursery? That one was a lot of work, so that one is staying for my office. I can't say I'm not thrilled. Chevron lover here.


  1. I look forward to seeing the new rooms.

  2. I'll eventually will have to change my girls' room too. I've slowly made changes here and there. We changed the crib into a toddler bed for my almost 3 year old when she was about 2.5 years old. My 18 month old daughter's crib doesn't convert into a toddler bed, so we'll be eventually adding a twin bed into the room for the oldest. Then of course there will be a new layout then.