{monthly} julio - july

G and I are back in New York. We arrived two weeks ago and we are already in all Summer fun mode. We had an incredible time back in Lima with my family but we are so happy to be all together again, the four of us. G missed his "papa" and big brother so much. Watching him ran to L to hug him at the airport just melted my heart. It was too cute.

July is always a fun and relaxed month. It's Summer time and we celebrate both our household countries independence days. We had a fun 4th of July and we're looking forward to celebrating July 28th with friends and Peruvian food. I'd love to host a small 28 de Julio playdate {as I did last year}. Hopefully I'll make it work somehow. I love how my boys, especially G, are developing a bi-cultural identity. 

There are lots of things going on right now, therefore the lack of posting. I have a few, fun DIY projects to complete, we're working on some of our home improvement projects, G's new toddler room!, and much more. I'll be sharing them soon. As soon as I carved some time to take pictures and write a decent post. Ok, we all know that can take some time, right?

Besides, I'm planning to spend most of my free time outdoors with the boys. Summer adventures await us! 
{images via smashing magazine}

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