{diy} a play kitchen for G

I never thought about buying G a play kitchen, at least not until he was 3 or 4 years-old, or maybe never. I don't know, it just didn't occur to me. But when he was about year and a half we went on a couple of play dates where the hosts had play kitchens. To my surprise G loved them! He was so entertained that in one occasion I had to take him away from the play kitchen while he screamed in horror. So, needless to say, I knew I had to get him one. And it came as one of his Christmas 2012 gifts. {Yes, I know I suck at posting things at their proper time. Oh well.}

Now, being the design snob I am, I didn't like the plastic play kitchens you can find at your local toy store. I just don't like all that plastic and the weird color combinations {really, Little Tikes, Step 2 and all those brands should start rethinking their color combinations. I'll be more than happy to suggest some}. So I started a search for a simple, but modern, and somewhat masculine, and let's not forget affordable,  play kitchen for G. I even considered making one. There are so many ridiculously adorable DIY play kitchens over the web. But then I realized that if I hadn't been able to finish decorating my living room in...two years, there was no way I'd have been able to tackle a project like that in time for Christmas.

After a little research and not finding anything I really liked in our budget, I decided to go with the Ikea play kitchen. I didn't like the colors but nothing some spray paint couldn't fix.  After a couple of nights, me painting, M assembling it, it was ready. I went with a yellow and grey/silver color combination {I think those are becoming G's signature colors}. I wanted to make a few more adjustments to the little kitchen, like changing the "oven" hinges to the bottom so it really opens like an oven {it opens to the side}, changing the wood shelf inside for a wire shelf and adding some battery-operated lights. But M brought me down to earth. Painting the whole thing was enought, he said. I still have those projects in my list, though. Some day.
In time I added a couple of other things, like black knobs {also from Ikea} at the front to resemble kitchen knobs and on the sides to hang things. And because I apparently have too much time in my hands I sewed two kitchen towels from some fabric I had around, from Ikea, too.

I have to say G didn't play with the kitchen that much at the beginning {and I was devastated}. But after a few months, it became one of his favorite toys and even three years later he still continues to play with it. Almost every morning he makes his "own bekfast" or "lunch". He makes me "caffee", stirring in a little cup, and "sopita" pretending he's pouring something into a pot and then feeding us. When asked for some water he goes to the faucet and pretends he's getting water from there and offer it to us. When he sees me cooking he pretends he's cooking, too. It's really cute. Since then G's been accumulating sets of pots and pans, plates, cups and lots of play food so he has a lot to cook with. But of course he also wants our real cups and bowls.

We first located the play kitchen in the Hall, then we moved it to the Dining Room and finally we decided its best place is, well, in the kitchen. Good thing I painted it white and yellow because it goes with my real kitchen colors {I know, total irrelevant, but I couldn't help it}.

I'm glad I decided to personalized his kitchen. It was time, and money, well invested since he likes it and plays with it almost on a daily basis. And I can see him playing with it for a couple more years. Fun!

If you like the "You're my Sunshine" poster above the play kitchen you can get it on my Etsy shop, where I offer stylish and affordable printable art.


  1. That is adorable! There is nothing better than a man that can cook. Got to start them young!

    1. I know, right? Hopefully he'll turn out a great cook!

  2. hi! love the chrome steel appliances look! which brand of spray paint did you use? And any tips of how to change the oven door hinges? Thanks alot!