{real party} L's baby shower

It's been a little more than a week since we got to Lima, Peru and we already had many amazing celebrations. As soon as we arrived we had baby L's Baby Shower, then it was G's birthday and then Father's day. All that plus some other fun get-togethers with friends. It's been some busy, little hectic but amazing first days in my home country. We still have some time left to spend here but we are already missing M and L, especially on those special days. We're having fun but at the same time we are looking forward to be back in New York.
Our first event in Peru was Baby L's baby shower. It was really more a Meet-the-Baby party because he was there!. Of course we were very cautious and made sure he stayed in his car seat most of the time so he was not too exposed. He's just a few weeks old so we had to be extra careful.

I had a lot of ideas for this shower, like more decorations and a bigger candy table, but since my mom held the shower at a venue we had some restrictions. For quite some time I thought about a theme but as most of my parties, at the end it didn't really have one. When designing the invitation I just went with the nursery color scheme and triangles (which are also in the nursery). I planned and made some things ahead of time, like the favor tags and some signage, and brought them ready from New York. I'm glad I did because it made things a bit easier. However not everything got used. The day-of I started the day nice and early with some errands (getting some flowers, balloons and cupcakes) and then head to the venue to start setting up. I had barely finished putting up some decorations when the guests started arriving. I had completely lost track of time. So a lot of things, like paper fans, balloons and streamers I wanted to put up to personalized the space unfortunately  stayed in my bag and were never used.
And because everything happened so fast I did not have time to take good pictures. I even missed some shots, like one of the little metal tins with turquoise ribbon and white and orange flowers that adorned every table. They were so cute and looked great on the wood farm-styled tables. It's true, we can not do it all sometimes (but I want to think I can).
I hung some crepe paper streamers. My idea was to cover the whole window but couldn't get to it. I also wanted to used bigger balloons to flank the main banners and make the backdrop more dramatic, but I found a good deal for 17´´balloons so I decided to go with them. I made some tassels out of some table clothes to make them prettier. I really liked the way they turned out so I'll probably be decorating more parties in the future with these pretty balloons.
In all the pre-shower craziness, I almost forgot about the Welcome table! I quickly put up some balloons, the welcome sign and a picture of the mommy-to-be for guests to sign. And as you can see, I just grabbed the turquoise and orange flowers and put them in a vase without arranging them.
For favors I chose orange and turquoise Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. I added a little square tag with ribbon. I always like to give useful, and practical, favors and  thought these will be perfect.  They could be used before holding baby L, right?
The venue had a set menu for the baby shower and it included a dessert. That's why I held back on setting a bigger candy buffet table. I still offered some chocolates and lollipops in tins with some paper bags for guests can take home some candy. Also the venue offered menus to be set on each place at the tables but I designed my own. I was going to get color copies to replace the venue's menus but there was simply no time. So I just framed the one I made.
But the main attraction on our table were these amazing cupcakes my good friend L made especially for this occasion. I know L from high school where she was well-know for her creative talent. I didn't give her any instructions regarding the design. I just gave her the invitation and let her created. And of course, she didn't disappoint. She came up with three designs and they were all great. And yummy!
Although it was a little chaotic at times (making sure all guests were attended and keeping an eye on G) we all had a great time. The food was delicious, everyone mingled, gifts were opened, toasts were made. We were all so happy to celebrate baby L's arrival.
G helped his Titi opened the presents. I have to say my little boy behaved so well that day. The opposite happened on his birthday but that's another story.

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