{monthly} june - junio

Even though May was a hectic month {but really, which isn't} I feel we accomplished a lot. We celebrated many important events, we moved L into his new room and we even threw in a last minute party for G.  I had all these ideas to celebrate our anniversary {5 years!}, to complete L´s room before he moves in and all these crafts I wanted to do for G's party. But I just let them go. I accepted {gladly} there was no time for all I wanted to do, I prioritized and just did what I could without going crazy. And it was enough. We celebrated, we had fun, and it was just great. 

My priority was getting ready for our trip and planning my sister´s baby shower and my nephew´s nursery. But guess what? A little someone didn't want to wait and surprised everyone with his early arrival in May! Yes, my new nephew was born and we couldn't be happier! L was tiny, tiny but thank God he´s healthy and growing rapidly. I love him so much. We are now in my home country spending time with sweet baby L. We had his shower last Saturday, which was more a Meet-the-baby party, and it was lovely. G met him last week and his little face said it all. He loves his baby cousin. But he gets a bit jealous when I want to hold him.

June is a super special month because we not only celebrate Father's Day but also my G's birthday.  He turns three. Three! I have to say I was a little afraid of the terrible twos, but this past year has been amazing. He's grown so much before my eyes and he's cuter and cuter everyday. The things he says, the things he does. It's just amazing to see him become this little tiny person. And I have a feeling the third year is going to be even better. So looking forward to celebrating his special day!

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