{life} G's third birthday in pictures

The day of G's actual birthday I surprised him with a living room full of balloons. He quickly face-timed with his dad and Nona made him pancakes for breakfast. After we headed to a local kiddie place so he could burn off some energy. We spent the morning there and he had so much fun. He played trains with his Nona.
He played shopping cart.
He built tall towers, which he called New York City, with Legos.
He played on the balance beam. Doesn't he look like he's doing a Karate Kid move? 
He read and arranged (and re-arranged) books.
and of course he had helado rosado (strawberry ice cream). His favorite!
After we went to his Titi's place for lunch and hung out. He had fun with his Tio Coco.
And then a big meltdown moment began. It was definitely my fault because I made him skip his nap (but to my defense I should say it was not the first time. He'd been skipping naps for a while now, especially since we arrived to Lima, and he was completely fine. So I assumed it would be ok). We had planned to have cake in the evening so M and L could join us via Skype. But we had to move it earlier because G was done. He didn't even want to blow his candles.
Titi made him a cute and yummy chocolate birthday cake and only letting him stick his finger in it and make a mess calmed him down. Oh well, whatever it takes at this point.
The birthday cake ended up like this...
Opening presents helped too, but as soon as he opened them he wanted to go home. And we did and he was ready for bed. My poor boy was exhausted but he had a great time after all. My boy is three! It can't be!

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