{real party} G's first birthday party - the details

Last post I shared how I came up with a sort of theme for my boy's first birthday party. Now is time for the details! My mom and sister were in town so thankfully I had a lot of help. We spent days and nights crafting, baking, decorating. Those were some intense days but I keep those memories dearly in my heart. What a great way to spend some quality time with my loved ones.

Since G's birthday is in June, I told M that I wanted a home, outdoors party. And although that day started with some rain {and I almost had a little heart attack because the party was set for 11 in the morning} the sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I set up a small welcome table, with some party hats we made for the guests, and a "Guest Poster" to be signed, which consisted of a silhouette of G sitting with a wide white mat around.  I carved G's silhouette on card stock and pasted it as the "O" to replicate the invite.
We set up a small tent {in case of rain or as a place for some shade}, with some tables and chairs and decorated with grey and yellow balloons, flowers and pictures. 
I took weekly pictures of G {with a plush giraffe I sewed for him} during his first year and I used to make a "growing up" garland that we hang for some decor.
We had the intention to set up everything outside. But as I mentioned the morning of the party started off with some rain, so we decided to keep the dessert/candy tables inside {and to be honest I didn't anticipate how many tables we would need, so really there was no place to put it outside anyway}.

I sewed the "Happy Birthday" banner from scraps of different yellow and grey fabrics I had around. I wanted to hand paint the letters, but at midnight before the party it just seemed easier to cut the card stock letters and pasted them on the fabric.
I used different things I had around the house to decorate the table, the rattan runner, the candle stick, letters from G's nursery. I had the ceramic letter bowls from my sister's shower and just needed a "N" bowl {I found on Amazon} but, as you can see I didn't find the same size. Good thing the "N" was in the middle so it kind of looks that it was done in purpose {but don't tell anyone!}.

I fill the letter bowls with yellow candy from Perú. I used Ikea frames to spell my boy's name. I made a mini bunting for the cake, using simple card stock and mini letter stamps and twine.
{grey and yellow card stock crown I made for my boy}
{there is something about little milk glass bottles with colorful straws}
{all images via elkin cardona}

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  1. You throw a beautiful party! Everything looks so lovely. I am always lucky if I remember to throw a table cloth on the table.