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Last Sunday there were threatens of rain but it turned out to be a beautiful day. Maybe way too beautiful? I'm not complaining, but it was really warm, like t-shirts-short-sandals warm. I mean it was great it was nice outside but it felt like we were in Summer already. Are we skipping Spring?

Anyway, my boys surprised me with a light breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries{my favorite!} and some cute handmade gifts. We started our day early and after Mass we headed to the city for brunch at this cute place uptown, Kitchenette. Then we went for a walk at the New York Botanical Gardens. They were having a Mother's Day Garden Party.

It was a beautiful day spent with my family. But it didn't come without some challenges. We almost lost our reserved table because we ran late in the morning. Then G started to act up during brunch {which hasn't happened in a long, long time. Quite the opposite, I'm always amazed at how well he behaves at restaurants. But not this time}. It got too hot and we were not dressed appropriately. When we got to the NYBG it was packed. Packed! I then fell down while walking carrying G and I scratched my knees horribly {I guess I forgot how to walk in platforms after all these years of just wearing flats. Thank God nothing happened to G and he was fine}. Then L started to act up and to end our visit we waited 45 minutes to get mini portions of ice cream {Really Cool Haus? But that was our fault. We should have just left}.  It was a kind of tumultuous Mother's Day.

However at the end of the day, while the kids were in bed, M was doing his thing and I was by myself {watching a cheesy movie and eating my chocolate covered strawberries} and I reflected on our day, I had a overwhelming feeling of satisfaction. It was not a perfect day, but we were together. And we did had moments of complete joy. Like when the four of us went under this big cherry blossom tree and G told me: "I want pik a flor for mama" {my heart melted!} and L came to me and gave me a kiss out of nothing, and we started taking silly family selfies and we were there, holding tight to each other, laughing, smiling. That moment right there was my Mother's Day.
I had mixed feelings about Mother's Day this year. I felt I didn't deserve to celebrate this day just yet because I'm still an amateur. I still have a lot to learn about this journey of motherhood. I feel I have it easy comparing to other moms around the world that face real challenges everyday. I feel there is so much more I can do better. My mom? She deserves to celebrate Mother's Day and everyday. I'd be lost without her guidance. And I can only wish my boys feel the same way about me someday.

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