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 April was a good month. We managed to check off some things on our to-do lists and also managed to start our family walks {when the weather was nice} and spend a lot of time outside.

May started last week. And I was looking forward to it for many reasons. We have a lot of important celebrations this month {Mother's Day, M's birthday and our Anniversary!} and we're also getting closer and closer to our trip to Perú to meet the new member of our family. Exciting times! Of course it also means I have to-do lists that are one mile long. But I'm trying to remain calm and use my organizational skills to the max.

One of my main goals this month is to finish L's room makeover. Or at least have him move to his new room before our trip. The room is almost done, practically done {and I'm loving how it's turning out}. I just have a few final touches to work on. Next in my list is G's big boy room. We finished his closet, painting it and installing a new closet system, and we also painted it. So now it's ready for some furniture and accessories.

I have lots of things to plan for this month {M's birthday, my sister's baby shower, L's room, G's third birthday and new room} but this time I'm not stressing about it. I just decided to set small goals and set priorities. And that made a huge difference. April showers bring May flowers. Definitely!

 {images via smashing magazine}

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