{spring fun} little easter egg hunt & a winner!

Last year I didn't have a chance to organize an Easter Egg hunt for G and his little friends. M took him to our town's annual Easter Egg Hunt, and even though he was little at the time, he had such a great time I promised this year I'd host a little Easter play date. I even stocked on tons of plastic eggs when they went on sale after Easter.

Fast forward a year and with the one and million things going on right now I couldn't get myself organized enough to throw the Eater play date I envisioned. Luckily after a few texts back and forth with my friend M we were able to come up with an impromptu, small Easter Egg hunt at her house. The kids had so much fun. We only wish we had hidden many, many more eggs because they were so entertained looking for them and picking them up. And then discover their goodies inside.
{ready, set, go!}
{My friend was so thoughtful and made these little goodie bags. Cute!}
{they also did some "gardening"}
{and after that it was turn to play trucks...end eggs}
{G loading his truck}
The little ones had an active, fun day hunting for eggs, running around and just playing in the dirt {they tired themselves out and they both had good naps later that day}. After a yummy lunch we headed back home with our tummies and hearts filled. It was a beautiful way to start the warmer season.  

The winner of the GooseWaddle Giveaway is Danielle K. Danielle please check your email and get back to me with your info so you can get your blanket set as soon as possible! Congrats and enjoy!

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