{spring fun} the big egg hunt

M had the day off yesterday so we decided to hop on the train and go to NYC to check out The Big Egg Hunt exhibit at Rockefeller Center. The exhibit, sponsored by Faberge, consists of more than 200 egg sculptures individually created by leading artists and designers, from Carolina Herrera to Zaha Hadid. The sculptures were first placed across the five boroughs of New York City so people can hunt them down to enter a special sweepstakes. Now all the eggs are in their final location at Rockefeller Center for Easter weekend. At the end of exhibit {April 25th} there will be an auction to benefit Studio in a School, an organization that brings arts programs to public schools, and to Elephant Family, an organization working to save the Asian elephant.
 {someone was excited to get on the "twain"}
 {humpty dumpty sat on a wall}
Although it was crowded we managed to see, not all, but most of the eggs. I tried to snap a picture of each one but I think I missed a few. The sculptures were so creative, original and fun. Definitely a very interesting project. Hope they repeat it next year.
{G wanted to pose with the "elefantes" one}
 {one of my favorites}
 {despite what this picture may suggest, the placed was crowded!}
{they liked watching people Spring!}
 {we left our names on one!}
We had planned to go to Top of the Rock after lunch but the waiting line was 2 hours long and a little someone was getting cranky because we made him skip his sacred nap. So we had to head home earlier than planned but not without first making a stop to get some Baked by Melissa mini cupcakes. The boys' favorites.  Although the day was a bit chilly and windy, we had a fun adventure in the city. Already planning many more. 

 Happy Easter!

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