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I hope it was not an April Fool's Day but last Tuesday was the first day in a long time we were able to step out the house without...winter coats! And it felt good! This morning the kids just needed a sweater. No more heavy jackets, no more hats. No more fighting with puffy jackets to buckle G into his car seat. Oh, I'm really hoping this is it. Winter is done. Although we were able to escape it for some weeks, it still felt like an extremely, relenle long Winter.We are so ready for Spring.
And I'm so ready for Spring cleaning. Projects around the house are happening. Slowly. Slower than I'd like but still happening. We are almost done with the closets. We had planned to finish them in March but again, indecisive me couldn't set on a configuration. So I went back and forth but finally made up my mind. Hopefully we'll be able to have them all installed this weekend. It may sound silly but seeing the closets {well at least one for now} so organized, and pretty, just makes me giddy. I was able to switch around some pieces of furniture that are staying and got a couple of things for L's new room. Still tons of things to do but it's starting to come along.
I can't wait to start going for walks again, going on bike rides and just be outside. And of course celebrate Easter. We really don't do the Easter basket thing {as I mentioned before it's not a traidition in my culture}. The past years we got  the kids some chocolate and a book or a little goodie. This year I thought it'll be nice to start a little tradition and add something useful to their baskets.  This is the perfect time to buy flip-flops or sandals, so that's what we'll get them. We may add some chocolate and a book or crayons but we'll keep it simple. So excited for this month to start!

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