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Spring? Where is Spring? We're back! and very happy to be reunited with M and L but not very happy about this lingering cold weather. And let's not talk about snow. Our front entry is blocked by a massive amount of it! We actually came back last Friday but a nasty cold welcomed us, and both G and I, spent the weekend resting and trying to get better. G is fine now. Me? not so much.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time in Perú. We spent many days at the beach and the boys loved it. So much they didn't want to come back to the city. I don't blame them. Sand, ocean, pool, playgrounds, lots of ice cream, and lots of quality time with their uncles, aunt and Nonos. That's what this month was about for them. And I'm very happy they enjoyed it. M and I had a good time, too. We spent lazy days without much to do and we were able to slept in some days. I even had a couple of days for myself. I had an amazing time reconnecting with my high school girlfriends when we went away to the beach house, just us. No kids, no husbands. What a much needed girl time.

But as much as we had a great time, I knew we'd be exhausted after this vacation and so I didn't plan much for this month, besides getting back into our routines, getting back to work, unpack and of course continue with the closets makeovers. Our goal is to finish the closets and start swapping furniture. Very doable, I think.

It's good to be back.

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