{diy} right/left leggings knock-off

I'm sure you've seen these cute right/left leggings from Hello apparel. I've had them in G's wish list for months {to be honest I was waiting for them to be on sale}. When I finally decided to buy them, I had second thoughts. I was like "hey, I can make these". They are basic black leggings, with a white word on each leg at knee height. I have a silhouette portrait machine {a birthday gift from M} that could easily cut that type of font. The tricky part was finding a script font as similar as the original. I finally found this one,  which is very, very close. I cut the two words with my silhouette machine onto contact paper, stick it to the pants and painted.
They came out really cute. No doubt I was able to pull this off thanks to my silhouette machine because there is no way I'd have had the patience to cut the words by hand with a blade {it wouldn't have been neat anyway}. But if you choose a different font, a simpler one, you can use the usual freezer paper stencil technique and a blade. I'm thinking about making a pair of righ/left leggings in Spanish with the words "derecho/izquierdo" if I find the right font.
The total cost for this little project was zero. G already had a pair of black leggings from Uniqlo which we love. They are very soft, stretchy and age well. They also have patterned ones. I got some other pairs for more stenciling, maybe knee patches or something like that. Now if I can only make the time.
Disclosure: this was a DIY project for our personal use.


  1. These are super cute--- and yet another reason I need to treat myself to a silhouette!

  2. You should! It's amazing how many things you can do. I got the smaller one and it's great!

  3. Love them!! so cute!!