{winter fun} meeting Thomas

A couple of weeks ago we went back to the New York Botanical Garden {as I mentioned here}. This time to meet Thomas {the train}. We met my friend Milagros and her boys. Everything was going according to plan until we got in and at the entrance they told us we had to walk about 10-15 minutes to get to the show. It shouldn't had been a big deal if it weren't because it was 11ºF degrees!!!  I made the big mistake of not checking in which building the show took place. Because really, the NYBG is huge! So we parked at the same lot we did last time when we went to the Holiday Train Show, not knowing the building was far from there. I didn't anticipate we would have to walk in that cold weather but I guess {and I'm glad} I dressed G warm enough because he refused to be held. He wanted to walk despite the freezing temperatures. I, on the other hand, was {apparently} not dressed properly because at some point I didn't feel my toes. We walked as fast as we could although I had to slow down to keep up with G's pace. He was in no rush. Little baby E was getting too cold so my friend and her boys had to go ahead of us.

 {it was freezing!!! brrrr} 
 {but G seemed not to mind taking his time to walk to the theater}
{some signs let us know we were getting closer!}
After what seemed like the longest walk of my life, we made it to the building and quickly got into the Auditorium. Then we all took our places. The boys were ready.
{as soon as G saw the stage he told me: "Mami, Thomas casita" . I love it when he speaks
Spanish to me}
{waiting for the show to start with some coloring pages. These two were such good boys}
 {and the show started}
I have to say the show was awesome. Everything was very organized. Conductor Sam did a great job engaging the kids with the sing-alongs. All kids, and parents, were singing and dancing. The show was quick, which is perfect for the targeted audience: toddlers. After the show we had the opportunity to get on stage to get a picture with Thomas. I think this was the boys favorite part. After picture taking and everything we were out in 45 minutes.
{they give you a site and code number so you can download your picture for free}
 {sharing a snack while we wait for T's mom}
There was no way we were going to walk back to the cars. It was too cold. My friend was kind and brave enough to walk by herself to her car to come pick us up. We waited in the Rose Hall building sharing some snacks.
Despite the cold weather it was a great morning. The boys loved the show and they were so well-behaved considering this was their first time at a theater. Yes, I'm surprised because I was expecting them to get off their seats and start running around, as they usually do.  But I guess Thomas is so appealing to them that they waited patiently.  As soon as G saw M later that day he started telling him about Thomas and his house. Oh boy, I see a Thomas the Train birthday party in a near future. Not very thrilled about that but anything for my little boy!

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