{diy} valetine's day cards

 Update: Now these little DIY Valentine's Day cards are available in my Etsy Shop!

Since we're fast approaching Valentine's Day I thought I'll share some little projects I did for this Holiday. Some new, some from last year. There was no time to host a Valentine's Day play date this year, but we attended one hosted by one of G's little friends.
I wanted to do a non-candy favor this time around. So I resorted to the trusty Pinterest to find some ideas. However on a quick trip I made to Ikea {to get some stuff for L's closet makeover}, I saw this cute heart shaped frames and got a bunch. I looked for a cute saying {related to the frame} to go with them, but couldn't' find any. I tried to come up with one, but I couldn't think of anything. "You're picture {frame} perfect" I thought was the most appropriate. But then I had a "duh" moment, why don't I use a picture of the kids? Duh! The only thing is I didn't have a clear, printing-worthy picture of all the kids {attending the play date} together. But I had pictures of last year Valentine's play date {hosted by the same friend}. I used those for a couple of kids. I still didn't have pictures of the other two. So I just filled the frames with some Valentine's scrapbooking paper and this year I made sure to take nice pictures of all the kids at the play date.
I created some simple but cute Valentine's Day cards to attach to the frames. I made them in English and Spanish since one of the little girls attending the playdate is in G's Spanish class.

I just signed G's name at the bottom {pictures were taken before that obviously} and attached the cards to the frames with some red ribbon. This year I went red and white to make things easier. Hope you like them!

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