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Despite having a rough start of the year {we all got sick with a horrible, nasty stomach bug}, January was a very productive month. The rooms switching {L's room, G's room and the guest bedroom that will now be my office} on the second floor is happening. We still have a lot to do, but we finally got it started. We {I} was taking so much time just planning and deciding. So even though I don't have everything figure out yet {I'll be sharing some mood boards soon} I decided to just start. So rooms are painted their new colors and closets got a makeover {1 out of 2, but that's progress!}. I also re-organized the kids toys {I still have a little more to do with L's things} and made a big purge. And one more thing, I was able to organize the attic {it wasn't in my plans for the month but it happened}. A lot of accomplishments on the house front.

As a result of us working on our home projects we haven't been out that much {the weekends are the only days we have to work on the house}. Which is fine because January was a cold, cold month with lots of snow. The boys spent time with grandma so we could focus on our projects.

My goal for this year was to be more mindful with my time, spending it with the people I love and doing the things I love, and being productive. I feel January was a good start. I was definitely productive this past month but I still spend valuable hours {that I should be sleeping!} just browsing the web, or looking at pictures of the boys on my iPhone.  But those were many less comparing to last year. I'm still working on it.

February, oh February, what a fun month it will be. I love you New York, but I can tell you I'm not going to miss you while we are sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of Lima. Family, friends, warm weather, yummy food and much more awaits us. Can't wait!

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