{winter fun} holiday train show

G loves trains so while the nonos were here, we thought it'd be a nice activity to go to the Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden. We thought L will enjoy it as well since the set up consist of New York City's landmark replicas built to scale and made of plant materials such as nuts, seeds and leaves. As an architect myself, I knew I will enjoy it.

Before entering the train show, we spent some time at the Everett Children's Adventure Garden. This was our first visit {I don't know why we have never been before!} and we were amazed by the place despite the fact it's winter time. I can't even imagine how beautiful it must be during Spring and Fall. The kids spend some time running around, making a little craft and running some more.

Unfortunately G was not very into the train show. It was crowded so he probably was a bit overwhelmed. Also, it was close to his nap time {I couldn't find tickets for an earlier time}. We were ready to leave but then he saw Thomas and didn't want to leave that spot. I'm sure G would have enjoyed the show more if Thomas had brought his friends.
L liked the show, the same as M and my parents. But I loved it. It was a beautiful and very interesting exhibit. The details, the intricate pieces,  I know all the hard work that goes into building such an amazing set up with tiny, little parts. It remained me of my school years when I used to stay late at night building models. I love building models. I kind of miss that. 
We're coming back to the NYBG, but this time to see Thomas. G doesn't know. It's a surprise!

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