{winter fun} bronx zoo with the nonos

I know Winter time is not exactly the best time to go to the zoo, but my parents hadn't been before {even though they've come to New York many times} so we decided to go. One advantage of going during the winter was the zoo was almost empty. There were a few groups of school kids running around but nothing compared to how crowded it gets during the warmer months. We went on a Wednesday morning without knowing Wednesday is a free admission day. Well not exactly free, but donation suggested day. So we had the entire zoo for us for half the price! {admission tickets plus special exhibits plus parking can get really expensive. The best bang for your buck is getting a membership, which I decided not to renew for the moment}

{he couldn't leave his little school bus behind}
{he was not supposed to step on the grass but he sneaked away. He wanted to touch the "ball"}
{watching the giraffes with his Nono}
{this bear was G's favorite. It looked like a giant teddy bear. Very cute}
{Nono's favorite: the tigers}
{we saw these two fight for a while}
{he want nothing to do with the "bugs"}

We were lucky most of the big animals were out and we were able to see them. But even though the animals got his attention for a few minutes, G was more interested in running around. We rode the Bug Carousel, but he was not a big fan. After grabbing a quite bit to eat at the Dancing Crane café and {on our way out} we let G ran free. He tired himself out and fell asleep in the car on the way back home. We did a lot of walking, so really we were all a bit tired but very happy after spending a chilly but fantastic morning together with the Nonos in the outdoors.

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