{winter fun} another holiday train show

The last weekend before Christmas we ventured again to Lasdon park. This time to check out their Holiday Train Show. We liked the show they put together for Halloween and thought this will be nice, too. We arrived early. Maybe a little too early since we had to wait a few minutes until they opened. Which was actually a good thing because we managed to beat the crowds and G was able to hoard the little steps they put on one side of the big train table and watched the trains passed by, many times. 

They had a little, cozy room set up with the Polar Express showing. G and L, they both grabbed a candy cane and sat down to watch the movie. There was not that many people {at first} so they were there for a while. Until we noticed a group of kids and parents behind us. We had to leave so all the other kids can take a turn.

On our way out G did what he does best. Ran around. We left him ran around the fountain and up and down the ramps. He was having fun {maybe too much fun} when suddenly started coughing and then threw up a little. We had to rush back home and make sure he was ok. Fortunalety he was ok. Nothing some mommy cuddles and a good nap couldn't fix.

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