{winter fun} adventures with the nonos

Another place we visited when the Nonos were in town last November was Wave Hill. We've been once before with M and the boys and we loved it. I thought it'll be interesting to visit again this time during the Fall/Winter. It was a little chilly that morning but it felt good to be outdoors. We spent the morning walking the grounds, meaning we walked, G ran. This is becoming my new favorite place. And I think G's too. Can't wait to visit during the Spring! 
{G spotted an ant. An ant! He observed it attentively for quite some time}
 {picking up little treasures}

{among all the dried vegetation, this red-ish bush caught our attention}
 {as well as this big cabbage}
{this moment I'll treasure in my heart forever. My little boy playing with his Nonos with such joy}
{He made them run in circles and then commanded them to stop}
{making sure they stopped}
{Then ran again. It was so cute and sweet} 
{one of my new favorites places now}
{running, running and more running}


  1. Qué lindo!!! Casi lloro, chini con los nonos!! lo máximo! :)

    1. Si, este sera un lindo recuerdo. Los hizo corer por todo el lugar. Lindo mi hijo con sus abuelos!