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A new year. A new chance for a fresh start. A new opportunity to re-evaluate and re-focus. Last year was a year of change for our family and especially for me. It was a good year, not necessarily an awesome one, but definitely a good one. And that motivates me to make of this 2014 an awesome and fabulous year. And I already know for sure it'll be since I'm going to be an aunt!!! My little sis is having a baby and I couldn't be happier! 

At the beginning of last year I went back to work part-time. Now I know it was the best decision for me and my family but for part of the last year I struggled with that decision. I knew I wanted to go back to work but after staying home for almost two years with G I had a hard time adjusting to the change. G started attending a part-time child care program so I can work and he needed a little time himself to adjust to this new routine and environment. L started fourth grade at a new school {just a new building but with his same classmates} and had to get used to new responsibilities and a tighter schedule. M started his journey to a healthier lifestyle and completely changed his eating habits. Last year was all about change. Good change after all.
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I spent some time reading last year monthly posts. It's a little disappointing to read I had all these plans for the house and unfortunately never happened. I may have had too big expectations about what we were able to handle in a year, especially with me going back to work. I wanted to do too much. I think we lacked a master plan. A master plan may be what we need this year.

But although we didn't tackle many {or any for that matter} home improvement projects,  I feel we accomplished many things in our family life. We solidified some family rituals, we established family schedules and chores {which are still a work in progress}, and definitely spend a lot of quality time together as a family. Thumbs up for that. 

More than resolutions I like to establish goals for the new year. At a personal, family and professional level. This year I'm trying to be realistic and set obtainable, doable goals. However, there is one thing I want to work really hard on. You see, after reading last year posts, last years emails, I noticed I started almost every post, every email, complaining how time flies, how life is hectic and crazy, how I don't have time to do anything. Life is crazy and hectic. Yes. Sometimes. The rest of the time, life is what we choose it to be. By now, I should know that a day has 24 hours, no more, no less. And I should plan my day accordingly. 

This year I have the intention to be more mindful with my time and how I spend it. Slowing down, doing one thing at a time, doing less, being completely present. I haven't figured out the hows yet, but this is the first step. Again, one thing at a time. Welcome 2014, let's see what you have.

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