{life} our countdown to christmas according to instagram

For many reasons, this was a different Christmas for me. Crazier than usual and a little nostalgic, but a happy, full-of-love one nonetheless. On Christmas Eve, M and I snuggled in our living room next to our Christmas tree to watch a Christmas movie while we waited until midnight to skype with my family in Perú {it's our tradition to stay up on Christmas Eve and wait until midnight to hug each other, say Merry Christmas, eat dinner and open gifts}. On Christmas morning it filled my heart with joy watching my two boys coming down the stairs with huge excited smiles on their faces to see if Santa stopped by our home. And sure he did!
This Christmas made me realize that a strong family unit is a top priority for me. I'm extremely lucky to have been raised into a very close family. I know my parents and my siblings will be there for me, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where. We fight, we disagree, we yelled at each other sometimes, we drive each other crazy when we are all together, but then we talk, we make up and we know we can count on each other. In good times and bad times we had always been together and we will always be, despite being physically apart.

I really, really hope with all my heart we're able to raise our boys to have this type of relationship with us and between them. I want them to treasure family time and I want them to be, not only brothers, but friends in life. And to have the certainty that no matter where life takes them every time they turn around they will see us, mom and dad, looking at them, waving at them, waiting for them, cheering for them, laughing with them, crying with them, loving them.

Here's for a new year 2014 and a happy, healthy, close family! 

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