{real party} 8th birthday wii party

Last year for L's 8th birthday we had two small parties. We were going to keep it simple and just have family over but L also wanted to invite some of his school friends. For many reasons we decided having two separate parties was a better option. For our family get together I surprised L with a Plants Vs. Zombies table {you can see it here}. For his school friends party he asked for a video game party.

Video games themes are extensive. There are different video games systems as well as many, many, many different games. After perusing the web for some ideas and talking to M, the video game expert, we decided that a Wii Sports party will be our safest bet. That way we could have some control of what the kids play by organizing some type of Wii Sports tournament.

It wouldn't be fair to talk about our Wii party, without mentioning this party, which was my inspiration. When I saw it I was sold on the Wii theme. Isn't it awesome?! 

{I designed a simple invite using a Wii avatar and this font}
{I also designed and made a simple banner out of card stock}
{We divided the kids in groups of two and assigned each team a color. I made Team Tags
for each team}
{Orange, blue, light blue and white were the colors chosen for not other reason than it was
what I had in my supplies stock: card stock, balloons, paper plates, napkins, straws.
I didn't have to buy anything}
{I used our console table to set up the favors and some other treats}
{We were serving pizza and ice cream so I set up the table so the kids can sit down and eat}
{I wanted to add some pattern to the table and considered using some blue fabric I have in my stash.
But since kids are messy when they eat, I decided to be practical and just used plastic tablecloths.
The white runner is a white plastic tablecloth folded in three parts}
{I made labels for the orange gatorade and water bottles}
{For the favors I found little blue baskets at the Dollar Store, added a little tag and filled them
with goodies}
{I found the cute chocolate wii controls from Etsy seller Erica's House of Design. I contacted her 
at the very last minute and she delivered. She was great to work with!}
{I found the wii remote control candy dispensers at the Dollar Store, too}
 {To keep things under control and a little organized we created a Schedule of Games.
M was in charge of directing the games and making sure everyone was playing fair}
 {Little G was so happy with all the big kids around. He acted as one of them!}
 {There were eight 8 years-old in the house and it got a little crazy at times,
but everyone had a good time!}

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