{real party} 6th birthday star wars party

For L's sixth birthday we were in Perú. My sister was getting married two days after his birthday and we had to be there a couple of days before. At first we didn't plan to have a party, since it was going to be some hectic days, L was the ring bearer and I had some crafts to finish before the big day. So it was going to be just us. At last minute I decided to invite some of my closest friends and their kids. My sister had ordered a Star Wars cake for L already {he was in Star Wars mode at that time} so there, we had a theme.
{Star Wars cake}
I would have loved to design and make everything myself but there was no time. Solution? To the party store we went to get some party goods with the Star Wars theme. Just one problem. There was nothing! I guess they are not that fan of Star Wars in Lima {this was three years ago, maybe this has changed now}. We just grabbed some blue and white balloons and streamers and some blue paper plates and cups and did what we could with what we had.

We had just thrown my sister a bridal shower weeks before so I contacted the lady who made the cupcakes for the shower and asked her if she could make some Star Wars cupcakes.
{L said Yoda looked more like Shrek, which was true, but it was cute anyway}
{birthday cake. Yes, that's Dark Vader decapitated}

I'm very glad L had a good time. He had just met his new friends {my friends' kids} for the first time but was already being silly and all. L has gotten along super well with my family since day one. And everyone in my family adores him. We could tell he was genuinely happy even though he was not with his school friends and rest of his family.
{here is L, decapitating Dark Vader}
 {our sweet L}
After this little improvised party I knew this is what I wanted to do with G. No, not the improvised part. But the part of celebrating some of his birthdays in Lima with all my side of the  family. I have so many aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces. I'd love for G and L to be able to know them. This has worked well so far since we had G's second birthday in Perú last June, and it was awesome! Hopefully we'll be able to keep doing the same thing for years to come.

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