{real party} 5th birthday tae kwon do party

L is turning 9 this month. Nine! I can't believe he's almost a "tween". He's not the shy, sweet little pre-schooler I met five years ago, but a happy, active, easygoing and very opinionated boy. He has requested a Minecraft party this year. Not my favorite theme in the world {to be honest}, but that's what he wants and that's what he'll get. I've been gathering inspiration and ideas from the web, and now I'm working on the paper good and details. So while I do that and in preparation for his 9th birthday I wanted to look back and share a few of his past birthday parties.

This Tae Kwon Do party is the first I made for L. I had so much fun planning and designing everything. This is when I knew I'll make each party extra special with a little extra work. 

We had signed him up for Tae Kwon Do classes months before he turned five and he was really into it. Of course a Tae Kwon Do party was in order. We wanted to have the party at his actual Tae Kwon Do school but for many reasons it was not possible so we ended up having it at another nearby school instead.

The inspiration came from a cute karate boy {and girl} graphic I found on the web.
{I used the graphic for the invitation which I designed and printed at home. I like the look of layered invitations so I added a black background to the white card and red envelopes}
 {I placed a small birthday boy at his place at the table}
I used the karate boy graphic to make stickers, a birthday sign and favor tags. I also had a t-shirt made for L to wear that day. It had the graphic on the back and on the front it read "Tae Kwon Do rules". He loved it!
I found a karate guy piñata {which was very cool but honestly too expensive}. I debated a lot about buying it or not but I wanted this party to be extra special for him and have as many cute details as possible. That was three years ago. If I had to do it again, I'd definitely make my own pinata this time!. 
{It was a cool piñata I have to say}
 {L had fun practicing his TKD moves on the piñata}
{The graphic was also on the Carvel ice cream cake. I know, I know, not the cutest looking cake but it tasted good. L's aunt made some yummy mini cupcakes in red to keep with the color scheme}
{Little take-out boxes were perfect for this theme}
For favors I knew I wanted to use Chinese take-out boxes. M went to our favorite Chinese place in town and asked if we could buy a few boxes. They gave us a lot of boxes for free. I filled the boxes with stickers, a plastic gold medal, some Tae Kwon Do rubber duckies, and some candy. They turned out really cute.
 {happy L, we love you soo much!}
The kids had a blast. The two hosts did an excellent job. They kept the kids engaged and interested throughout the party. They played, ran, jumped, hit the piñata and broke boards. It was really fun.

We could tell L was so happy and proud to show off some of his Tae Kwon Do moves and his yellow belt!. And after all, that's what mattered most. It's been almost five years since this party and since he started Tae Kwon Do. He's now a Black Belt and he's preparing for his Second Belt next October. Really, time has flew.  Dear L, slow down please, don't grow too fast!

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