{fall fun} trick or treating

As I type this from bed I'm recapping this past week. Oh boy, it was a busy Halloween week. No wonder why I felt exhausted today and I'm ready to pass out. But with a big smile and a warm feeling of knowing my kids had a great Halloween 2013. We attended Halloween birthday parties, parades, play dates and celebrations, and of course went trick or treating last night.

This year L wanted to be a zombie. I found a pair of old jeans that fit too tight now, got a $2 white shirt from GoodWill and ripped them both. I threw them in the washer to get a more old and ragged look and splashed some red paint all over. I painted his face, some color spray for his hair and listo. Zombie L was ready to go. G's costume was a pair of cute pajamas he got as a gift on his part birthday. They were alligator jammies with a hood and red spikes on the back. I added a few details to the sleeves and opened the feet so he could wear shoes and made a tail. I found this tutorial but I really used it just as reference since I ended up doing it my way. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to add spots to my alligator's tail. Everyone thought he was a dinosaur! My little alligator with a dinosaur tail was cute anyway.

Last year G was still young and although he put on his monkey costume he didn't quite get the trick or treating thing. I remember we went around a neighboring town with G in the stroller. I can't really recall how we did it since it gets a little chaotic with excited children running and screaming in every direction, and parents following trying to keep up with them.

Anyway, we went trick or treating to the same place this time and oh! what a difference. G learnt quickly that "tik or trit" will get him a piece of candy and how he loved getting treats. Every time he got something he turned to me and say "got more candy mama". To be honest I was a little worried that he would want to eat all his candy once we got home. Fortunately, and surprisingly, he was content with a mini bag of M & Ms' and forgot about the rest. Phew! 

L ran into some of his school friends while we were trick or treating and asked us if he could go with them. We let him go and agreed on meeting him later. When G saw L going away he started running behind him, screaming "Luckie, Luckie". It broke my heart a little. G loves his big brother and wants to be with him all the time. But at the same time I'm starting to understand the age difference between them and as much as I'd love for us to do everything together, I get L is growing and his interests are different and are shifting more towards his friends. When he came home later he was very happy and excited about the fun time he just had.

Halloween is the best kids holiday I think. Kids are allowed to be whatever they want, no matter what, they get to choose, they are let free to run around house to house in the dark night and they get to eat more candy than they should. They are just kids running wild for one night. These past years I've really enjoyed decorating the house, throwing parties and making costumes. And I'm sure I wouldn't have done any of that if it weren't for my boys. Such a fun Halloween 2013 we had.

Today, despite some little rain in the morning, was a beautiful day. Welcome November.

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