{fall fun} apple picking

At the very beginning of October we drove up north to go apple picking. There are a lot of great orchards in our area, but we wanted to go a little further. We didn't choose the best day to go since it started raining early in the morning. Luckily the rain had stopped by the time we got there {everything was muddy and wet, though :(}
{we brought a little wagon that G rapidly claimed as his own way of transportation}
{before heading to the orchards, we had some fun playing duck races and with the animals
at the petting zoo}
{those were some big pumpkins!}
{lots of apples. Good thing we went at the beginning of the season!}
{the boys had fun picking and eating some apples. Apparently apples are tastier at the orchard since 
these two ate one after another one no stop!}
 {my farmer boys}
{beautiful mum mums}
{lots of colorful vegetables}
{We didn't have any caramelized apples because the boys had filled their bellies with lots of
 apples already...}
{but of course there is always room for a donut!}
{The apples were delicious. This time I didn't bake anything but I made lots of apple sauce and juice.
Tasty, very healthy and so easy to make!}

Although our outing started a little off with the rain, plus one cranky toddler and a whining kid during the drive, it ended up being a beautiful day!

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